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 Program Pictures of Keys and Everglades/  Snorkeling in Key Largo

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World Events is on You Tube

Now you can watch  interesting videos from "How to Kayak" to "Current and Past Program videos". Just click in any of the " Videos" tabs and you will in your way to enjoy Programs  and Learning Videos related to our Road Scholar Programs. Your friends and family will be able to see you while you are in one of our Programs !!!




Life Long Learning with a Focus on Explorations of the Mind and of the World


The joys of retirement usually include the opportunity to travel and participate in activities which may have been less practical during the working years. "Road Scholar" is the new program name for Elderhostel, Inc., which has long been associated with senior travel with an emphasis on lifelong learning. The organization has been providing creative travel and life long learning experiences for seniors since 1975, but as they plan for the future, they no longer considers the words "elder" and "hostel" suitable for describing the programs they offer. (Read the whole article at )




Upcoming Programs:

  • Florida Panther Service Program  # 13107 September/October 2012 

  • Keys and the Everglades # 2801 October and November 2012

  • Visit the beautiful Island of Puerto Rico with Road Scholar Programs 15635 ,15638 and 19734 Three great programs Culture , Active and Birding) November 2012




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